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Walk to D'Feet ALS
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Walk to D'Feet ALS

Harrisburg's Walk to D'Feet ALS


The Harrisburg Walk to D'Feet ALS kicks off at the Carousel Pavilion located near the entrance to Harrisburg's City Island. Teams and individual Walkers can complete their registrations at the Pavilion; refreshments are also located here. 

Inside and all around the Pavilion, there are entertainment activities for everyone, including a moon bounce, face painting, door prize giveaways and a live band! Restroom facilities, including handicapped accessible, are also located nearby.  

The Walk route begins at the entrance to the Walnut Street Bridge, proceeds to Riverfront Park on the East Shore, and circles back around to the entrance to City Island. There are few sights as touching and heartwarming as seeing the entire span of the Bridge filled edge to edge with HUNDREDS of team members Walking to D'Feet ALS!

For more information regarding the Walk site and related topics, please see below (information adapted from the Harrisburg Patriot News, Susquehanna Style magazine, Central PA magazine, and other sources):


City Island


Riverfront Park


Susquehanna River


Market Street Bridge


Walnut Street Bridge


Pride of the Susquehanna


City Island - Archeological evidence shows that City Island was inhabited by humans as long as 6,000 years ago. Located in the middle of the Susquehanna River across from the State Capitol building, the 66-acre greenspace offers a wide variety of activities. There is ample parking in two lots located directly off of the Market Street Bridge.

Visitors can step into style with an elegant horse-drawn carriage ride tour of City Island and downtown Harrisburg (offered by the Harrisburg Carriage Company), or have fun riding a scale version of the Civil War-era steam train ("The General") which departs every half hour, going around on the antique, 24-horse half-sized carousel, or sailing on the Pride of the Susquehanna riverboat. Those looking for a more active trip can practice their swing in the batting cages, play Water Golf ( on an 18-hole miniature golf course located on the north end of the island, softball, beach volleyball, or soccer at the Skyline Sports Complex or swim at City Island Beach.

In addition, great food and a great view await you at City Island's RiverSide Village Park. Overlooking the Susquehanna River and the Harrisburg skyline, RiverSide Village Park features seven rustic concession stands offering roast beef and fish sandwiches, crab cakes, sausages, hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries, ice cream, sodas & juices and a little bit of everything in between. 

The Harrisburg Senators ( play all of their home games in City Island's 6,200 seat RiverSide Stadium. An affiliate of the Montreal Expos, the Senators are Central PA's only AA baseball team. An interesting baseball tidbit: Babe Ruth once hit a home run at RiverSide that landed smack dab in the Susquehanna River.

Not only can visitors drive to City Island, but they can also walk, rollerblade, or bike onto it from either the East Shore or the West Shore via the Historic Walnut Street Bridge. [Back to top]


Riverfront Park - Harrisburg's stunning riverfront is easy to view from any angle thanks to the city's beautifully designed park. Riverfront Park extends four (4) miles along its border with the Susquehanna River, providing the ideal setting for strolling, bicycling, rollerblading, fishing and picnicking. The Park offers easy pedestrian access from any part of Harrisburg or from the Market Street Bridge or Walnut Street Bridge. The Park was developed in the early 20th century as part of the City Beautiful Movement.

The narrow park, just wide enough for a paved walkway and several yards of grass, follows the top of the steep bank, offering a picturesque view of the mile-wide River's many islands and opposite shore. Safe from Front Street traffic, the pedestrian thoroughfare contains several notable sculptures and monuments, a Sunken Garden with well-groomed topiary, a beautifully designed floral and rock Peace Garden, and a fitness course. Numerous benches and picnic tables provide an opportunity to stop and watch the peaceful Susquehanna River flow by.

At several places along the walk, concrete stairs or paved ramps lead down to a lower promenade that traces the water's edge for most of the Park's length. Concrete steps built the entire length of the walkway extend all the way to the riverbed, providing a close-up view of the ducks, egrets, fish, and other River inhabitants.

With marvelous views from any point of any walkway, Riverfront Park makes Harrisburg one of the most beautiful riverside cities in the world. [Back to top]


Susquehanna River - Originating at Otsego Lake near Cooperstown, New York, the Susquehanna River is one of Pennsylvania's largest natural treasures. The river flows 444 miles into the Chesapeake Bay, near Havre de Grace, Maryland. In the midstate region, aqua-lovers flock to the River to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the water as much as to work and play on it.

Canoeing, camping, fishing, and swimming are some of the most often enjoyed respites on the water, though cruising on pontoons, kayaks and the Pride of the Susquehanna would make the top ten as well. Local residents have also continued to take a conservationist approach concerning the waterway. In 1999, the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources approved the Susquehanna River Conservation Plan, allowing for more funding to be available for conservation efforts.


Market Street Bridge - City Island is accessible from both the East Shore and the West Shore via the Market Street Bridge. Opened February 27, 104, this bridge is the oldest and most historic of the bridges still used for vehicular traffic across the Susquehanna.

Two columns on the east side are from the old state Capitol, which burned in February 1897. The north column contains a plaque with historical details about the Market Street Bridge, as well as a stone tablet taken from the tollhouse of the Camelback Bridge, the covered wood bridge that preceded the Market Street Bridge. Mounted on the south column is a plaque with historical data about the Camelback Bridge.

The Market Street Bridge was widened in 1926 when the eastern span of steel was floated on boats to the west side of City Island where it was placed alongside the existing steel span. The present stone arch bridge was constructed at a cost of $2 million on the east side, and the completed structure opened in 1928. The Market Street Bridge remained a toll bridge until May 15, 1957. On that date, it joined Harrisburg's Walnut Street Bridge and eight other state-owned spans in Pennsylvania in becoming free thoroughfares.  [Back to top]


Walnut Street Bridge - Opened by the People's Bridge Company in 1890, this is the oldest surviving bridge over the Susquehanna River. It is one of the last remaining multi-span Phoenix truss bridges. Nicknamed "Old Shakey," the Walnut Street Bridge survived many floods, including Agnes in 1972, but lost three spans on the west end when damaged by ice floes in 1996. It continues to be used as a pedestrian walkway between City Island and Riverfront Park.


Pride of the Susquehanna - Sailing on the Pride of the Susquehanna is an experience every midstate resident should have. An authentically recreated paddlewheel excursion riverboat, the Pride is docked at City Island, across the river from the State Capital Building. Passengers may sail in the carpeted, nautically themed cabin, or topside in the open air for a great view of the Harrisburg skyline.

During the May through October sailing season, the Pride hosts 45-minute public cruises, cold deli buffet luncheons, and sit-down catered dinners with live music. Special group rates are available with advance reservations; the riverboat may also be chartered for a private party. In July and September, fireworks displays light up the sky over the river, and a seat above decks on the Pride of the Susquehanna is the best place from which to view them.

Pride of the Susquehanna Riverboat


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